Last Breath

Following close on the heels of his celebrated debut 18 Seconds, George Shuman returns with yet another remarkable thriller featuring investigative consultant Sherry Moore -- a blind woman with an uncanny ability to view the final living moments of any dead body she encounters.

A ruthless serial killer with an unthinkable MO has left a trail of tortured, murdered women in western Maryland and seems to have gone to ground in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. With no leads or any sign of a suspect, investigators must call on the now-famous blind psychic Sherry Moore, a woman whose talent inspires skepticism, but whose results are unparalleled. When she is put in contact with the hand of any dead body, she relives the memory of the departed's final experience. While investigating this case, she is privy to the most savage and terrifying scenes imaginable. However, because the killer is aware of her methods, he keeps his identity just beyond her reach until she resolves to put herself directly in harm's way. When the fiend sets his sights on Sherry, this seemingly helpless woman must demonstrate an almost inhuman strength of will and of body as she attempts to capture the deranged killer without having to pay the ultimate price in exchange.

"The vividly drawn central figures and AUTHORITATIVE VOICE keep the reader… committed."
-Publishers Weekly

"EXCELLENTLY PACED… Shuman effectively uses character development to build a SURPRISING and affecting conclusion."
-The Baltimore Sun

"Shuman… brings a chilling realism to his depiction of crime scenes and has a real gift for conveying fear…."
- Publishers Weekly

"A mesmerizing, gritty, gut-wrenching, gruesome tale that's distinctly not for the weak of heart."
-Lansing State Journal (MI)

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