18 SECONDS, Shuman's first novel, became a national bestseller nominated for both a Shamus and Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers Association.  

It has been translated into 22 languages and distributed in 23 countries. 

18 SECONDS was followed with three more Sherry Moore novels, Last Breath, Lost Girls, and Second Sight. 


18 Seconds

A pulse-pounding, tension-filled thriller about two brave women - one with uncanny psychic abilities - who unite to catch a murderous madman.

"One of the best-written, best-plotted, most impressive thrillers I've read in some time.  Shuman has the talent to put evil on the page and make it specific and real."

  - The Washington Post


Last Breath

Following close on the heels of his celebrated debut 18 Seconds, George Shuman returns with yet another remarkable thriller featuring investigative consultant Sherry Moore -- a blind woman with an uncanny ability to view the final living moments of any dead body she encounters. 


Lost Girls

Blind psychic Sherry Moore is summoned to the Caribbean by a mysterious and powerful philanthropist to find the murderous kingpin of a human trafficking network. Frantically searching for clues in the remote jungles of Haiti, she finds a legendary voodoo priest—a man with abilities eerily similar to her own.


Second Sight

Stunningly beautiful blind psychic Sherry Moore has the extraordinary gift for seeing the last eighteen seconds of a deceased person’s memory, which has helped solve numerous crimes and save countless lives. Her life has been anything but normal, but because of her relationship with Brian Metcalf, the Navy SEAL she met during a dramatic rescue on Mount McKinley, Sherry has never been happier. Then her exposure to deadly radiation changes everything.



The Rattleman knows every crevice, every creek, every cave, every ravine, every inch of his remote hunting grounds in the Appalachian Mountains.

He is a determined serial killer, always waiting for his next victim to cross his path.

When Park Ranger Jane Cameron literally stumbles across the remains of two of his victims, she discovers that she too has been caught in his trap.

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